“People” by Cinta Vidal 2015  – Oil on wood 

We are all connected. Those times you have random thoughts about what other people are doing? Yeah, we all have those. This image puts it all into perspective; he’s doing that and they’re doing this while the people below them are doing something completely different.

There is a young couple sitting on a crumpled up futon mattress, watching a baby crawling into a mans lap. There’s another man sitting next to him. Possibly the young couple adopted out their child to a gay couple who wanted kids. The girl in the black polka dot cardigan reminds me of Alia, a friend of mine who recently lost her battle to cancer at 26 😦 Glasses, curly hair. Too much right now. 

Then you have a girl lying in her bed. She looks sad. Hands strewn across her belly, she looks pregnant. Disappointed. Wondering what the fuck she should do. There’s a boy on his phone sitting next to the bed, maybe wonder what he should do to make her feel better. 
Cats strewn about, people reading, some just sitting, thinking, talking. It’s in these simple quiet moments that we don’t realize how strongly we are all connected. It’s only a thought away. 

Take a look at the rest of Vidal’s work, she delivers such a strong message and puts exquisite detail into all of her paintings! 

Check out her gallery here and read an up close and personal interview here.


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