I’ve been having a difficult time creating art (like most artists do) and it’s horrible. Anxiety, loss of inspiration, depression, insomnia..etc. We’ve all been there. But my biggest concern is: what are we to do when lacking inspiration?? 
One word: MUSIC. Thankfully, once again, music has got my back.  

I get lost in it. 

Close my eyes and drift away in It. 

Sail on a boat in the harshest waves of it

Music is my water, my emotions. My crashing sea meeting the ocean. — Okay I’m getting off track here. 

We all have that one band that takes us away from ourselves, our reality. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Boombox. Such mood-lifting beats! Funkadelic, sexy, and groovy, they bring me back to a time before I was born…making me want to snap my fingers and move my body. Great dancing music!! 

The basslines are what really get me. They grab hold of my mind and make the rest of the world disappear. I love listening to them while driving around in my work van, windows down and stereo way up! I don’t care if other drivers see me dancing around, in fact I hope it puts a smile on their face to see someone groovin so hard 😎

 Grab your headphones and put on this playlist. You won’t be disappointed.

 Let me know what you think!!


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